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Stephanie Crugnola

Stephanie Crugnola is super amped to infuse her real-life cold bloodedness into her first time ever playing D&D. She graduated Improv Boston’s training program and has performed with several different improv and theatre groups around the Boston/Providence area. She started with Framingham State’s Suit Jacket Posse and currently does musical improv in Providence with Pipes! She also is the Founding Artistic Director of Walking Shadow Shakespeare Project: a community Shakespeare theatre company. Stephanie loves old books, procrastinating writing projects, all animals ever except ants, and silly jokes.

Michael Ellison

Mike Ellison is one of the many Central time zone players in this D&D game, participating long-distance from Austin, TX. His past credits include "That heckler you liked at the baseball/hockey/soccer game," "One of the people who took Level One classes at Coldtowne Theatre," and "One of the people in the Suit Jacket Posse at Framingham State College from 2007-2009." In addition to not doing much of anything notable, he also plays in a weekly Pathfinder game where his cleric of Desna was recently killed by a ridiculously strong construct (The Aberrant Promethean), and so now he's playing a real dumb half-orc sword-and-board fighter. He's been playing RPGs since he was 12, where he played a version of AD&D in which his DM let him play a chaotic evil necromancer in a party with a lawful good paladin. His first character was smote (smited? smitten?) before he even introduced himself. (crying emoji. the sad one, not the laughing one.) This is his first time playing a rogue, and he may never go back.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Mike is currently the only Central time zone player. Eastern time zone wuz here.

Twitter: @ilivefaster

Instagram: @ilivefaster

Snapchat: ilivefaster

Josh Halladay

Josh Halladay grew up wanting to become Batman, so he went and got himself a degree in chemistry. Due to lack of funding, no gadgets are currently available. While earning his degree, Josh served as the Improv Chair of the Hilltop Players, Framingham State University's theater club. In this role, he hosted the Suit Jacket Posse Improv Troupe's performances. Post-degree Josh found a job as a chemist for a company that makes laxatives. His official title is Analytical Services Scientist (ASS) for the ANS department (Say A. N. S. really fast). Josh has been playing table top games since he was 14, and has played with the same group of friends since he was 16. Once a month they get together, play a game, and have a themed pot luck dinner. Still on his quest to become Batman, Josh has spent the last three years training in mixed martial arts and has competed in numerous grappling competitions.

Rob Mulligan

Rob is an improviser and comedian hailing from Boston. He’s a veteran of D&D, playing since he was a dorky high schooler. He’s still dorky, but he is no longer in high school. He has a bachelor’s degree in food science, and is completely aware of how fake it sounds. He’s a big fan of all things Nintendo and being outwardly snobby about beer. He was also a member of Suit Jacket Posse with most of the rest of the cast.

Twitter: @MobRulligan

Anthony Reed

Anthony Reed fell in love with D&D when 3rd edition came out at the tender age of 13 and has never looked back. Anthony loves stories in all mediums and with his improv background through the Suit Jacket Posse, finds D&D to be one of the best story mediums there is. Anthony does a professional wrestling podcast with his brother and decided to drag the rest of his friends into internet broadcast. Anthony and his lovely wife are raising a beautiful little boy in the cold white north of Maine. Anthony enjoys playing videos games in his scant free time, and spends his vacations away from his real job LARPing in the woods of Massachusetts/Connecticut.

Twitter: @ReedAnthonyG

Micheal Williams

Coming Soon!